Summer strategy, romance, heists
The month of big books and big news
In honor of our recent move, I thought I’d make a themed book list to mark the occasion. I am the first to admit that in the middle of a move, reading …
Book fairs, new books, old books, super heroes, and good music
"Study Partners"
Snow days, the monthly media run-down, and a blessing
Coming in under the wire. Not late, but right on time.
Written from my Hobbit Hole
Hello, friends! Since the last newsletter, I have become well acquainted with three things: the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit at Texas Children’s Hospi…
Happy October, friends. The newsletter will be on the short side this month, as our life was interrupted by a family crisis a few weeks ago. We are nav…
Brought to you by copious amounts of coffee and a new school routine
what to read when it's too hot to breathe, plus an interview with author Chad Alan Gibbs