A Friday List

It's pretty common in the blogosphere to see bloggers post fun lists of things they love. Like my friend Tess who posts Sweet Lists on her blog (which you should read, because Tess is sassy and funny and thoughtful). I'm not with it enough to really create lists at regular intervals like that, some days there are just little things that are making my day and who doesn't love to share happy things?
1. A cup of coffee from Port City Java. Technically, a cup of coffee I made from Port City Java beans given to me by a lovely friend. Because sadly, there is no Port City Java in Texas.
2. Sanuk shoes. These are seriously comfy shoes, y'all.
3. The Middle. Funny stuff. I'd seen a show here and there in the past, but just recently started watching it regularly on Hulu.
4. Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, Beta Radio. I love music, but I have never been on the edge of what's new and cool. So, the whole world is probably like "oh yeah, Drew Holcomb. Old news." But I just recently discovered them and it's fantastic. My kind of music. Beta Radio is a band out of Wilmington, NC, where we lived for 10 years. Fun fact: I even worked for a while at Port City Java with one of the members! And my good friend Doc designs posters for them. But aside from all that connection....they just make good music. Guitars, banjo, lovely harmonies.
5. A cast-iron cicada from France. What? you ask. My friend Sonya sent me a delightful cast iron cicada to hang on my wall. It's about five inches long, and fantastic. I've hung it next to the window above my kitchen sink, and secretly hope it will not only make me smile and think of Sonya, but will scare away roaches, ants, spiders...all those delightful South Texas bugs that I wish would stay out of my house.