A Friday list

1. The munchkins and I took advantage of cool weather and a brand new zoo pass today and went down to the Houston Zoo for the morning. I love having annual passes to things like the zoo, amusement parks, or museums because there's no pressure to see ALL THE THINGS in one day. We enjoyed being outside, saw some animals, and learned a few things about the best way to take two very independent toddlers to the zoo (hint: just stay a couple of hours because who has the energy to constantly say "this way. over here. this way. stay with mommy" all day long). C did pretty well, but M is definitely 17 months old and still figuring that whole thing out. I trired a little backpack leash we have with him, but it was...unsuccessful at this point. We'll try again.

2. I got into the habit of using a blog feed reader when I was working as a librarian and keeping up with lots of book and library blogs, and it's something I still do to some extent. I'm going to try out a new feed reader though, because I kept having trouble with the app on the old one.

3. New running shoes came in the mail today!! And I signed up for a spring half marathon yesterday. The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon (and half marathon). I'm a little nervous about starting to actually train for something, but I need a little shake up in my running routine.

4. I do pretty well most days at just going with the flow when it comes to M's food allergies, but today I just really, really want to order pizza for dinner, and that's a no go for him. Maybe I can fudge something for him and he won't notice that he's eating something different and can't have bites from our plate. Or maybe I'll find some motivation to cook dinner. We'll see!

5. Started The Undoing of Saint Sylvanus this week, and so far am enjoying Beth Moore's first foray into fiction. J and I also started watching Stranger Things (finally, right?) and even though we are only three episodes in I am hooked!

Happy Friday, y'all!