A list

1. Finally got around to reading Birds of a Feather, book two in the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacquelyn Winspear. I love these books. Read them if you like post-WWI fiction, classic detective mysteries, descriptive (but not flowery) writing, layered characters, strong female leads, anything English.

2. Our book club had the most interesting and lively discussion we've had in a while last night, talking about the book Defending Jacob, by William Landay. It's a mystery-thriller with a somewhat unreliable narrater, a lot of questions, and not very many answers. Two words: nature vs. nurture (is that three words?) One member called it "haunting." Everyone (except me, because I've only been able to read it on lunch breaks) read it in two days. It's compulsively readable and fast-paced.

3. It's starting to warm up outside, which means it's time for iced coffee! Mmmm...iced coffee. With lots of milk.

4. Post-vacation I'm wanting to read books about/set it the Middle East (starting with Israel) -- fiction and non-fiction. But I'm overwhlemed because I want to read ALL THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW.

5. So it's time for another season of Ultimate Frisbee Spring League. Something about playing Ultimate makes me in the mood for a beer, so Sunday I had the most healthy dinner ever: french fries, beer, chocolate chip cookies. Makes me think of high school, when I'd eat a post-volleyball dinner of a McDonald's chocolate milk shake and large fries.

6. Can you tell? French fries are my kryptonite.