A little light reading

These days it seems my reading happens in short bits of time. I'm either finding myself too busy for a large chunk of reading, or I just get distracted with odds and ends: cleaning the kitchen, laundry, dusting, playing on the internet...you know. So I found myself in the mood for books that you can get into and enjoy even when you don't have hours at a time to read them. Two authors that I've found who are perfect for this type of mood are romance novelists Kristan Higgins and Julie James. They are definitely two different styles of romance, but both authors have a very readable, breezy writing style that pulls you in. The characters are well-drawn and likeable, and the romances are sizzling. Higgins' books tend toward funny, small-town, boy-next-door kinds of story-lines. James writes sophisticated, big-city heroines who are smart, savvy and sarcastic (and the men who match).

So if you find yourself in the mood for contemporary romance, pick up a book by Kristin Higgins or Julie James.