A Monday list

1. Thursday night I was having trouble falling to sleep, and my mind starts writing this really great blog post. Of course, I don't get up and write anything down or just write up the post because I'm trying to be responsible and sleep before those munchkins wake up at 0-dark-thirty. Of course, that means the next day the idea is just kind of eluding me and any similar idea just sounds flat. Lesson learned. Who needs sleep, anyway?

2. Sometimes I feel guilty about my dependence on modern conveniences. My car, indoor plumbing/showers whenever I want them, disposable diapers (to be fair, I do part time cloth diaper. So I tell myself that I'm not completely dependent), air conditioning. This last one is really a source of more angst that it should be. I mean, we live in Houston for goodness' sake. South. Swamp. Subtropical climate. And I know people live (and lived for a good long while) in the South without AC, but usually it's important to have a house built for that (ours, is not). Anyway...I like feeling comfortable, so AC it is. But sometimes I just feel bad about that.

3. Camping. I'd really like to go camping this fall (summer camping is for the beach or a climate where it cools down at night. Sorry, but I need to be able to build a fire). But we'll see if it's in the cards. Not sure why it's on my mind now since summer's just begun, but there you have it.

4. It's amazing how quickly you forget how curious and grabby crawlers are,

5. I've realized that now that I have at least one or two nights a week where I could sit and knit/watch TV, that I'm at a loss for inspiration. I have people I would like to make things for, but nothing I'm excited about making.

6. I'm in the middle of reading Winter, by Marissa Meyer, and have a couple of audiobooks downloaded and waiting to go (fantasy, I'm pretty sure. I don't remember exactly). I'm not reading audiobooks at the speed I was at one point because I'm on a podcast kick. Namely: Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me (an old favorite) and Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Happy Hour is a new find, and I'm digging it.