A Monday List

1. So far, season six of Star Trek: Voyager is the best one, despite the fact that Janeway has a few moments where I really want to punch her in the face. Overall, I'm digging it.

2. Current library book: The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. Middle grade (i.e. roughly 3-6 grade) fairy tale that is already funny and fun.

3. Girl's weekend coming up! It'll be nice to relax and refresh and have some fun with friends.

4. Sandra McCracken has a new album out. God's Highway. She's one of my favorite artists, one of the few that fit every mood. Melancholy, happy, relaxed, tense...if I can't figure out what to listen to, she's a sure bet.

5. New picture book author discovery: Jez Alborough. Hug is a favorite around our house, and I found another at the library: Tall. Hang out in the jungle with Bobo the baby monkey and some of his buddies. Very few words (one each, in fact) but wonderful stories.

Happy Monday, y'all!