A Monday list

1. I'm actually a one book behind on writing book reviews (although, can we really call my random thoughts on what I'm reading "reviews." no, we can not). We can thank my inability to go to bed at a responsible time for that one. (i.e., too much late-night reading) Anyway, I recently finished The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, and it was so, so good. Heartwrenching at times, but with a happy ending.

2. Today is a rare day: both kids down for a nap at exactly the same time. There's usually some overlap, but lately the littlest one is slowly transitioning to one nap a day, which means MORE overlap. I'm hoping this is a trend. Of course, with a slew of travel time and holiday season festivities approaching...we'll see how long the trend continues. To be honest, I'm grateful for any kind of napping, and anything else is just a bonus.

3. The first of the new Gilmore Girls mini series goes up on Netflix this weekend! I am super excited about this. Maybe a little too excited. Good job Gilmore Girls marketing and promotions team for encouraging me to anticipate this premier at a fangirl level!

4. Every year one of my favorite authors does a huge (seriously huge) fund raiser for Heifer International. He calls it Worldbuilders, and it's a pretty cool deal for fans of fantasy and science fiction. Basically, Patrick Rothfuss (and his Worldbuilders team) contact authors and agents and game makers and artists, and collect collectibles, books, games, art, favors, and all kinds of cool stuff to auction off. You can bid on having an agent or author read and critique your book. You can bid on having your name used as a character in a book. You can bid on unique items or signed books. And for every $10 donated you get an entry into a lottery for some amazing stuff. There are stretch goals and matching funds, and it's all really cool.

5. It's Thanksgiving week! I love Thanksgiving (as I documented last year). I like the reminder to be grateful. I like the emphasis on spending quality time with family and friends. I like Turkey Trots and hiking in the woods and crunching through all the leaves that have fallen off the trees. I like celebration food, football on t.v., and football played in the back yard. I like how opportunities to serve others are front and center, something I hope to remember all year round (because there are always needs, and always ways to help other people).

Happy Thanksgiving!