A Tuesday list

1. Today's to-do list has pretty much gone the way of just making it through everyday tasks like keeping up with dishes and hungry kiddos. I did finish sorting through the girl-munchkin's current and next-size clothes to make sure we were ready for the cool weather that we will eventually be getting. But you know...I'm okay with that. Newborn rule number 1: lower your expectations and every day is a win.

2. Coffee. Mmmm....coffee. I'd been taking a break since the boy-munchkin was born, not wanting to challenge his brand new (and seriously gassy) digestive system with caffeine just yet. But this week I've had to take a nursing break due to an antibiotic, so I've been enjoying a little time each day with my old friend.

3. So You Think You Can Dance. Just when I'd gotten a little burnt out on this show I love, they mixed it up this summer just enough to bring me back. I got behind the past few weeks, but have spent yesterday and today catching up. It's been a fun season! I enjoyed the new stage vs. street format, and enjoyed the new judges (we ALL needed a break from the Hot Tamale Train, am I right?) Next fun and fluffy reality competition show on my radar: the return of The Voice.

4. Road trip, part 2. A couple of weeks ago we went to Austin and back for nieces' birthday party. The kiddos did as good as we could have asked on the trip. Three hours there, three hours back (including our stops). Our next adventure will be in a few days when we head over the river and through the woods to grandmother's (Nana's and Grandpapa's) house. Four hours with no stops, so I'm hopeful we can make it in five. We'll see!

5. And because we can't walk away from each other without talking books for a minute: I've got the third Throne of Glass book on loan from the library and will start that hopefully today, I just finished Anne of Windy Poplars in my long-overdue Anne Shirley re-read, and will start Anne's House of Dreams next (one of my favorites!) And I'm savoring my way through Felicia Day's memoir You're Never Weird On the Internet (Almost) (so far, as funny and charming as I expected). And for audio, I've got Summer Night, by Jim Butcher (a Dresden Files book -- as an aside, I've never read a print version of this series because when they're all read by Spike from Buffy, why would I?)

5.2 For anyone who wonders "how is she finding time to read with a new baby and a toddler???" let me just say that boy munchkin likes to eat a lot, and as I'm not yet adept at nursing and walking around, I spend a lot of time sitting. Sometimes I'm chatting or reading to the girl-munchkin, but even if you just count the after-bedtime and middle of the night feedings, that's a good 1-2 hours of potential reading right there.