A Tuesday list

1. I love pumpkin baked goods -- pie, cake, muffins. So, I found a recipe for coconut flour muffins and decided to try making them with pumpkin. Yummy! I'm a little obsessed. I'm also going to try making some pumpkin cake-mix muffins that my friend AJ made. A box of yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Boom. Done. Going to try it with gluten free cake mix and see how it goes (the littlest little is allergic to wheat, thus the gluten free baking experiments).

2. I do not, however, love pumpkin spiced coffee drinks. BUT...I tried this pumpkin spice coffee from Sprouts and it's just the right amount of flavor, so I'm enjoying it. I'll be okay when the bag is empty, but it's a nice treat for a little while.

3. We're taking family pictures this weekend. I wanted to get a haircut before the photo shoot (I got a hair cut a few weeks ago, but I'm not loving it), but because I need to find a new hair stylist (it's time to spend a few more dollars and go with a recommendation rather than the lottery) I couldn't get an appointment this week. I'd like to think that I can work some magic with my curling iron, but considering I haven't really used a curling iron regularly since high school...we may be going with everyday ponytail hair. There are worse things, I know.

4. I pulled up my sample ballot yesterday and did some research so I can go vote this week (early voting is the best, am I right?). So ready for this election to be over. Not that the drama will end, but maybe we'll get a break at least. I've never been so excited for Elf on the Shelf season on Facebook...and I really don't like Elf on the Shelf.

5. I'm reading A Corner of White by Jaclyn Moriarty at the moment and finding it to be delightful and fun so far. And, I'm super excited that The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen became available at the library. I've been meaning to read it for ages, and just keep forgetting.

Happy Tuesday!