A Tuesday list, summer thoughts....

Summer is for...
1. Fun movies like action, adventure, and romantic comedies. Because romantic comedies seem to have taken a back seat on the big screen lately, may I recommend these two gems on Netflix: Set it Up, and Man Up.
2. A good summer jam. I have let go of any need to be up on current or popular music, but music fills my soul so I'm always on the lookout for the right song for the moment. Currently, Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves is my perfect summer album. For me it perfectly captures the feeling of sitting on the back porch, lounging by the pool, hanging out at the beach, or going for long drive with the windows down. It's lingering daylight and sunscreen and backyard barbecues. And if I want something with a little more rock-n-roll vibe, Needtobreathe has released a handful of new songs this summer in anticipation of their fall tour. These songs have a 70s feel to them, which fits right into a groovy summer vibe.
3. Fresh produce and farmer's markets. Give me all your berries and stone fruit and tomatoes and cucumbers and eggplant. We are fortunate that in Texas a lot of fruits and vegetables are in season almost year-round (it's our consolation for the wicked-hot and unending summers), but even down here summer is a bounty.
4. Bugs. This is not my favorite thing, and sometimes it feels like a losing battle. The other night I killed three separate bugs within 10 minutes of walking through my house.
5. Backyard gatherings. This one hasn't happened much yet. To be fair, in Houston this is actually more of a fall activity so on one's melting or being carried away by mosquitoes, but there's no denying that summer makes me long for friends, music, the sound of laughter, and the smell of charcoal. Something about the lack of school schedules, the lingering daylight, and that's just the way it's always been. Our schedule hasn't allowed for it much, but it's only June. We all know summer in Houston lasts well into October.
Happy Tuesday!