A Wednesday List

1. A newish acquaintance/friend learned that I am a writer (if I can still say that having not gotten my post-baby mojo back yet), and asked me on Sunday how the writing was going. It really touched me, and being asked always inspires me. Yes, novel, I see you sitting lonely and dusty over there. This week, we'll make a date, I promise.

2. I've done something to my shoulder, and I suspect it's related to wearing my baby ring sling. My shoulder hasn't been quite right for months, and it's the shoulder that the sling rests on. I wore Matrim in it yesterday to storytime at the library and I am HURTING today. Cooincidence? Sadly, I doubt it. I love the sling. I don't want to give it up. But I also love not being in excruciating pain whenever I lift my arm so...

3. I have been woefully slow in finishing library books on my Kindle, and previously, as long as I didn't navigate away from the book I could still read it even after my loan had ended. But yesterday when I went to turn my Kindle on and read, I was greeted with the home screen and the sad news that my loan had expired. Oh well! Motivation, right?

4. Speaking of motivation...I've started a crochet project and I'm pretty excited about it. Although I suspect I may have to consume a few nighttime cups of coffee to finish it by the deadline. It's a baby gift and I don't think the baby is going to wait for me to finish before making his appearance.

5. What am I reading...well, since my library book was returned, I'll go back to Queen of the Tearling, which is fine so far, but isn't really lighting my fire. I just finished For the Love, by Jen Hatmaker (which I will write more words about another day) and it was really great. My first non-fiction of the year, and an absolute success!