A Wednesday List

1. Kids are gross. There's just no getting around it. Pee, poop, snot, dirt. Everything in their mouths and then little sticky hands everywhere. It's a good thing they're so cute. Even when they sneeze in your face.

2. Texas Ruby Red grapefruit is so delicious. My grocery store had 15 lb. bags on sale last week for $5. $5!!! I couldn't pass it up, but that is a lot of grapefruit. If I can get motivated (see #2), I might try out a grapefruit pound cake recipe just for something different.

3. I signed up for a 5k a few weeks ago, and it's coming up on the 23rd. I'm excited! It's been a while since I've run a race. Not since moving to Texas, in fact, and I enjoy local 5ks a lot. This is a tad far from my house, but I couldn't find a more local one that fit my time table and schedule.

4. And speaking of running....I've almost reached a goal of mine that means I get to buy a couple of new running shirts. Yay running clothes!

5. And speaking of writing (wait...weren't we? Aren't we always), I've been putting it on my to-do list every day for the past few weeks and have managed it a couple of times (not counting a few of these blog posts...which I totally do, by the way). But I've got the seed of an idea for summer that might give me a little extra momentum. Too little to say out loud yet, but it's promising.

6. On my "nightstand": still reading (and enjoying) Storm Clouds Rolling In. I'd probably be finished by now, but got interrupted by some library holds coming in. Like Saint Anything, by Sarah Dessen, which just became available. Forcing me to choose between finishing or starting something new. I'm also still listening to my Brandon Sanderson audio, but had a slight interruption because of phone issues. That, and I've been spending my dishwashing/cooking time watching Star Trek: Voyager. I never managed to watch this show as regularly as others, so I am really enjoying this rewatch. And I had forgotten what a great captain Janeway is. Love her.