A Wednesday list

1. Family visits! That's the theme of May (well, end of April and May). A visit from Oma and Papa from Missouri...a visit to the East Texas homestead...and an upcoming jaunt to see the Austin cousins. We all love it!

2. Iced coffee. 'Tis the season! (Hot) Nothing quite like some cold brew.

3. Yoga. Still running, of course, but I'm also really digging yoga at the moment. A friend recommended an instructor with some YouTube videos and they are perfect. A little variety and not too long. (Erin Motz, if you're interested)

4. Reading. Catching up on some Sarah Dessen (Lock and Key and Saint Anything), which is always fun. Great contemporary ya fiction. Listening to some Brandon Sanderson, and trying to find the perfect time to start Raven King, by Maggie Stiefvater. It's the fourth and final book in her Raven cycle and I am so excited to read it and sad it's over. I got to go to a book signing last week (thanks Jeremy!) to buy the book and get it signed. Maggie is so funny. She tells a story like...well, a storyteller. It was fun.

5. Short list today...diapers wait for no one.