A Wednesday list...

1. Walmart is really coming through for me lately when it comes to running clothes. I've always had trouble finding shirts I like to run in. Eighty percent of the time I'm just doing easy runs in bone-melting heat and humidity, so I want a tank top that fits in my shoulders, isn't tight around my middle, and is in a comfortably thin (but not see through) tech fabric. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, yes. So when I found the PERFECT tank for me at Walmart this summer I bought five. A few weeks ago, I also decided having another pair of pants/tights might be nice. I have one pair of tights from Old Navy that I like okay, but they're...just okay. Then last week I found the most comfortable and perfect (for me) pants! They're a jogger style, but more tight fitting than a pair of lounge pants, and made of a nice medium weight tech fabric (let's be honest, I don't need anything super heavy in Houston). They are sooo comfortable. I like that they're not skin tight, but slim fitting enough to be comfortable running in, and the jogger style means it doesn't matter how short my legs are. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to either of these things online, but if you're planning to continue or start exercising anytime soon and are in need of fresh athletic wear, you might find a gem at your local Walmart.

2. Jeremy and I finally finished Stranger Things 2 last week. So good! Sequels are hard -- you can't please everyone, especially when everyone now has expectations/wishes for your show. I, for one, am very satisfied. Was it perfect? No, but nothing is. Here are my top three things I liked about season two (SPOILERS AHEAD): 1. Eleven and Hopper. I liked their dynamic, I liked the fact that Hop isn't a perfect parent, but tried really hard. I liked the reality of seeing what it'd be like to have a hormonal teenage girl with super powers, a history of physical and psychological abuse, and little to no moral training or grounding. 2. Steve and Dustin. I loved everything about this pairing. I loved that the creators surprised me with the tragectory of Steve's character, while still making it a believable (to me) arc. 3. Bob Newman, superhero. So unexpected. When the show started, I didn't trust you -- I kept wondering when the other shoe was going to drop...but it turns out, you were just what everyone needed. Honorable mention to the actors -- these kids (well, the adults too, but that's more expected) are really outstanding, and did such a great job with their characters.

3. I was reminded today that there are 12 days until Christmas. There's a tiny part of me that feels like I should be more stressed. Isn't that silly? We've become so conditioned to look at this time of year as a busy, stressful one, and I've tried the past few years to really intentionally approach the Christmas season with a quiet, mindful, joyful spirit so I think maybe I shouldn't be too surprised that it seems to be working. That said, I really do need to set aside a couple of evenings to address Christmas cards.

4. My parents got us an Amazon Echo Show for Christmas. It's our first Echo, and as expected I am loving the play music feature. We've also used it to call my parents (who also have an Echo Show...this is the main reason for the gift. So grandkids can video chat easily with Oma and Papa) and set timers and check the score of the Houston Rockets game. I'm sure there are a lot of other features I'll enjoy using in the future, but for now it's definitely a fun new toy.