A Wednesday list....

1. Jeremy and I are headed out to a marriage retreat this weekend, and I'm maybe a little more excited than I should be. But the last time we stayed someplace overnight just the two of us, it was at Sooner Youth Camp last summer so...not actually just the two of us.

2. I know in many places it's still the dead of frozen winter, but we've had some beautiful weather this week (our reward for living in Houston during July, August, and September) so I've been dreaming of growing things. I need to buy a bigger planter to re-pot a peace lily, so I figure I might as well maximize my time at the garden center. When it comes to gardening, I tend to want to focus on vegetables and herbs which in our rental house means a container garden, which I've done in the past. Lettuce, spinach, rosemary (which I've NOT had luck with the last few times I've planted. Some kind of pest. But I really, really want a perennial rosemary plant), basil, and maybe chives and mint. I've never grown summer squash in a pot, but I might give it a try this year. I'll plant tomatoes for summer. Other than my little collection of edibles, there is a shady corner of our yard that was landscaped at one time, but is currently just a haven for weeds. So I'd like to figure out something to put there aside from a gigantic pile of mulch (which may, realistically be what happens).

3. I mentioned that I wanted to focus my 2018 reading on my at-home unread book pile (plus the books I review for Indie Reader), but I broke my rule already today and got a library book. BUT...it's been on my to-read list for a while: The Last Ballad, by Wiley Cash. I absolutely ADORED A Land More Kind than Home, and am in the mood for some literary southern fiction. That and A Wrinkle in Time (I scored the last copy at my local used bookstore!) are up next on the docket.

4. It's a complete coincidence that I started writing my random blog lists on Wednesdays, which means it's also a coincidence that it's the same day new episodes of one of my favorite podcasts -- The Popcast with Knox and Jamie -- come out. But it's a very happy coincidence. And speaking of...they're doing a live show in Dallas in May and I snapped up two tickets as soon as they were available, and told Jeremy -- don't make any plans for Cinco de Mayo, because we're going to Dallas.

Happy Wednesday!