A Wednesday list...

1. I ordered new glasses and prescription sunglasses last week, and should be able to go pick them up tomorrow. I'm more excited than normal because my current glasses have big scratches in each lens, and I don't love wearing contacts every day the way I used to. I'm also excited because I branched out and got reddish frames for my everyday glasses.

2. One of my kids brought home a full-sized Hershey's bar with their school Valentine's (which...as an aside, who is giving full sized Hershey's bars to preschoolers???). I ate a few squares Monday and then put the rest in the baggie to have another day...yeah, I ate it all Monday. Sorry kids! (not really)

3. A friend of mine got a tattoo for her birthday this week, and it's got me itching to get another one. I've got an idea for what I want next, and I've even settled on where. Now I just need to save up the money (or maybe wait and ask for my birthday).

4. The past few weeks, I keep thinking "I'm going to write a nice, long blog post. Something semi-deep or thoughtful." But honestly, the past few weeks my creative brain has been going too many directions, and by the time I sit down to write some kind of leisurely blog post...there are no more ideas in my head.

5. This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash was absolutely fantastic. Descriptive prose, compelling characters, and a deep sense of place. Right now I'm reading a book for Indie Reader and it's...not my favorite, to say the least. I've got Audacious by Beth Moore next up on my list for non-fiction, and for fiction I'm looking at Reading the Sweet Oak. It's a library book sale find, so I know basically nothing about it except I liked the cover and the blurb on the back sounded like it was worth trying out for a dollar.

6. Jeremy and I saw two movies in the theater this month! I can't remember the last time that happened. The first movie was almost an accident -- we'd scheduled a babysitter, but then our plans fell through. We didn't want that babysitting to go to waste though, so we decided to see a movie. Jumanji was exactly the kind of fun entertainment I expected, and truly laugh-out-loud hilarious. The second movie was Marvel's Black Panther, and it was amazing. Even if you don't like superhero movies, it was still amazing. From top to bottom -- visually stunning, well-plotted, great character development and dialog, fantastic action scences, thought-provoking themes, and the actors! I liked every minute of it.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. full disclosure, the links above are Amazon affiliate links, meaning I get a few pennies if you decide to buy one of those books through the link.