A Wednesday list....

1. Life's been out of the normal routine for a few weeks because I was sick and recovering from minor surgery, but I think we're beginning the get-back-in-the-groove process. I think the biggest challenge will be getting back to setting my alarm clock and living that early morning life. When I am disciplined about getting to bed early enough, I really do enjoy waking up before the kiddos to start the day. My goal is to use that time for writing And because I tend to have more creative energy earlier in the day, but getting back on that schedule may take a week or so. Baby steps!

2. It's midterm election time! I spent some time in a waiting room today, and used the opportunity to do a little bit of research on our ballot. I find researching political candidates to be a little bit daunting, but I don't like voting by just by party. Speaking of voting -- I heard someone on a podcast today propose that people approach politics emotionally, and don't realize that voting is an act of decision making. We feel like we're choosing a brand, which leads politicians to act like they're a brand, not decision-makers. While I was already planning to vote, the comment gave me food for thought and inspired me to make my vote count.

3. The Flavia De Luce mystery series by Alan Bradley has been on my radar for years, and I finally picked one up a few weeks ago from the library. I'm about a third of the way through and so far it's as delightful as I wanted it to be. Also in reading news, I recently read Solo, by Kwame Alexander after hearing him do an interview. It's a novel in verse, which is not something I've ever read before; but I have to say I really, really enjoyed the book. The story is about the son of a famous rock star -- who is also famously an alcoholic. After his dad drunkenly crashes his high school graduation, and his girlfriend breaks up with him, he gets into a fight with his sister and finds out he was adopted. His search for his birth mom leads him to Ghana, and on a journey to find peace with himself and his family. I was engaged in the story and invested in the characters right away. The poetry was beautiful and vivid, and I discovered that one of the best parts about a novel in verse is that you can read it in a day!

4. Netflix has been suggesting I watch the movie Ali's Wedding, so while I was sick I finally did! It was a really sweet romantic comedy set in Australia (which, incidentally, inspired me to re-watch Strictly Ballroom. I love that movie!). The main character is the son of Iranian immigrants, and the son of the neighborhood Sheikh. Ali lies about passing his exam to get into medical school, and shenanigans ensue. I also watched the first episode of Salt Fat Acid Heat, a four episode series inspired by the cookbook by the same name and starring the cookbook's author. It was so good! Well, at least, if you like cooking shows starring people who are passionate about food. (pro tip: don't watch a cooking show when you're on a restricted diet).

Happy Wednesday! What are you watching? what are you reading? How are you researching your vote? (Go vote!)