A Wednesday list...

1. I think we may have finally recovered from shifting our clocks last week. I loathe Daylight Savings Time. Actually...let me be more accurate: I loathe changing between DST and Standard Time twice a year. I won't go on a full rant about why I think it's a ridiculous practice, but I will just say that last week my kids and I were a lot more tired than usual. I know correlation is not causation, but I'm just happy this week to feel like my biological clock is not slightly out of whack.

2. I got to get out of town with a bunch of women from church last weekend. Several good friends, a few friends I was happy to get to know better, and a few acquaintances/near strangers that were a delight to talk to for the first time. It's become an annual thing, all started by one person who casually asked a few moms with toddlers: "would y'all be interested in a girls' trip?" Is there any woman out there who ISN'T interested in a break from every day life now and then, especially with friends? One of the things I look forward to about this weekend especially is that there's no agenda. You can come and be social, play games, get out of the big house we rent and do things, see things, stay up all night watching movies, whatever! Or you can take naps, go for a run, curl up in a corner with a book you've been wanting to read and do nothing else all day except maybe have lunch and drink a lot of coffee. Making friends and building friendships can be hard as an adult, and I always appreciate any opportunity to invest in relationships.

3. If you know anyone who is connected to foster care involved in any kind of adoption process, you know that it's a world that fill your heart and break it to pieces, and sometimes all of the above. It makes it that much sweeter when families finally get the news they've been hoping for, and we got word this week some friends of ours had their adoption finalized after a long and frustrating process. Praise God!

4. I'm back to trying to read three books at once (this is something I used to do all the time growing up, but is much more difficult these days). Six of Crows ended on a bit of a cliff hanger, and the sequel (Crooked Kingdom) was available on Overdrive (e-books for public libraries), so of course I HAD to start it. I'm reading a memoir for a paid review, and I need to finish that this week. And the co-host of one of my favorite podcasts wrote their first book which came out this week: The Wondering Years, by Knox McCoy. So clearly, if you need me anytime in the next two weeks I'll be reading...something.

5. Look up Child, by Lauren Daigle and the soundtrack to A Star is Born have been my go-to music listening the past couple of months -- like everyone else in the world -- and while I am still definitely enjoying those albums, I need something else in rotation before Christmas music season starts. What are you listening to right now?

Happy it's-finally-sunny-here Wednesday!