A Wednesday list...

Why, hello! Hello from hot, sunny South Texas, where we are unexpectedly experiencing a moment of respite from the "dog's breath" of summer. I am going to do my best to let these two days of lower humidity carry me through August and September. Well, these two days plus air conditioning and plenty of iced coffee.

But enough of that!

What I'm reading...
While we were in Missouri visiting my family, I blew through The Peacock Emporium, by Jojo Moyes. It's not my favorite of Moyes' books (One Plus One, in case you're curious), but it was still enjoyable. Moyes excels at writing layered characters in complex situations, in a way that feels true to life.

Currently, I'm reading a Woodstock memoir for review, and a romance set in London (still in my Anglophile mood, if you can't tell) with a very Bridget Jones feel. I'm only a couple of chapters in, so jury's out on that one.

What I'm watching...
I finally pressed play on the first season of the BBC/Masterpiece Theater show Poldark. Historical drama, fantastic characters and cast, a stunning setting (anyone fancy a trip to Cornwall, England with me?)...I'm loving it.

And I'm really looking forward to some TV watching time with Jeremy soon, because I'm itching to watch the third season of Stranger Things and the new season/revival of Veronica Mars.

Something I'm grateful for...
The kids and I got to spend the week after camp in Missouri with my family, and it was just the absolute best. I got to spend lots of time with my family, the kids got to play their hearts out with their Missouri cousins, we went swimming and walking and to the park, and I even got in some face time with a few old friends.

A little inspiration...
Today's little bit of inspiration is sponsored once again by my current poetry phase. It's an excerpt from a poem by Tanner Olson, from his new book I'm All Over the Place.

And I'm chasing the heels of 30 and I thought I'd have life figured out by now, but
I've got more questions than answers.
And all my answers create fresh questions, a constant give and take, a
swirling surrounding the pounding within.
Yet, locked within, faith outweighs both, stretching me closer to forever,
a restful peace growing beyond the deep.

~ excerpt from "Welcome" by Tanner Olson