An Ordinary Girl

Hi y'all! Today's bit of creativity is something that I think might have the makings of a cute children's book, inspired by a certain red-headed girl I know who had an early hat-loving phase. It definitely needs illustrations to get the full picture of my idea -- think unconventional and creative "hats", like a bundt pan for a Space Hat and, a crocheted penguin hat with ear flaps for a Racing Hat, and red plastic bucket turned upside down for a Parade Hat. Anyway, you get the idea. Enjoy!

An Ordinary Girl,
by Amanda Waters

Nina is an ordinary girl, who lives in an ordinary town, in an ordinary house, with an ordinary family. She gets up every morning, and puts on her clothes…eats her breakfast…hugs her mom and her dad…pets her dog…and plays with her brother.

But then…Nina has extraordinary adventures.

She puts on her Racing Hat… ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Nina zooms around dangerous curves, passing one…two…three cars. Now she’s in the lead! Nina wins!

She puts on her Cowboy Hat… and rides across the prairie , looking for stray cows or bandits or maybe just a nice place to sit and eat a snack….

In her Space Hat, Nina climbs into a rocket ship for a trip to the moon. 5..4…3…2…1
She puts on her Parade Hat. Toot! Toot! Toot! She plays her horn and marches to the beat.

She puts on her Snow Hat…brrr! It’s cold out here in the snow. But Nina is warm in her snow hat, mittens, and snow boots. She builds a snow man and a pile of snow balls and then….

Puts on her princess hat. A shiny, sparkly, princess hat. Perfect in a big castle where she can twirl and dance in her tutu.

Uh oh! What’s this? Her castle needs a repair! So she puts on her Construction Hat… She hammers and saws and uses her screwdriver to make the castle strong and safe before she…

Finally takes off her last hat, and hangs it up, and once again becomes an ordinary girl, in an ordinary town, in an ordinary house, with an ordinary family.
Which isn’t so bad, really, because even ordinary girls can have extraordinary adventures.