Blog reading

Several weeks ago I posted about some book blogs that I enjoy reading. So today, I thought I'd sit down and mention some favorite non-book blogs. The funny thing about that -- I realized how many non-book blogs I visit occasionally, and how few I read regularly. I started thinking about how much I enjoy the blogs I do read, and how maybe I should broaden my blog-reading horizon (except who has time for that?). That said, here are a few of my favorites that I visit on a regular basis:

Run Tess Run
Tess writes about running and yoga and her family and just life in general. She is funny and smart and I feel like reading her blog is like sitting down and having chat over a cup of coffee.

Erin is a busy lady! She's a teacher, business owner, knitter, and seamstress. So I always love to get a little peak into what she's up to. Plus, our husbands have the same name

The Listener
Lorie writes amazingly thoughtful essays. I'd try to pin down what they're about, but they're about all kinds of different things. Self-doubt, holidays, memories, exercise, job hunting. Basically she talks about things that are on her mind, things she observes, things that catch her attention.

Lottie and Doof
Full disclosure: I have only made and probably only will make a few recipes from this site. But it is gorgeous, and the recipes I have made from it are amazing. If you love food blogs this is a great one.

Homesick Texan
Yummy, yummy, yummy. That's all there is to it. A word of warning: read this blog with snacks handy, because it will make you hungry.

Smitten Kitchen
Speaking of hungry....I don't visit this site all the time, but it is a great resource for recipes of all kinds. Mostly, I've used it for pies, but everything looks amazing.

Alpha Mom
Great resources from a variety of contributors. There's something for every parent on this site. And if you need a laugh, check out the Pregnancy Calendar. Hi.larious.

Jen Hatmaker
Thoughful, funny, warm. She's even more fun to follow on facebook. Now I just need to go read one of her actual books.

Looking at this list, I see I could definitely use some variety. So I'm open to new reading! Got any blogs...about anything!... that you enjoy visiting on a semi-regular basis?