Books to read during a move

In honor of our recent move, I thought I’d make a themed book list to mark the occasion. I am the first to admit that in the middle of a move, reading is probably one of the first activities to fall by the wayside. And let me be clear: THAT IS OK. This is not a list made to guilt trip you if all you can do at the end of a busy day of logistics and stress and packing and lists, is to fall into your bed for a too-short night of sleep. 


If you, like me, find reading to be stress relieving and relaxing, here is a list of books that I think might help ease you through a move, whether it be across the country or (as in our case) right next door.

Anne of the Island and Anne’s House of Dreams, by L.M. Montgomery

These are really a stand-in for any kind of comfort re-read. When I am stressed or out of sorts, or just need a book to read that is comfortable and doesn’t require my brain to work too hard, I often reach for Anne. Anne of the Island and Anne’s House of Dreams are particularly suited, in my opinion, for big life changes like a move or relocation. If you’ve never read the Anne series (or don’t like it...these things happen), a move is the perfect time to reach for your own personal well-worn novel sitting on your shelf.

Keeping the Castle, Patrice Kindl

Keeping the Castle is light, funny, heartfelt, and--as the title hints at--is all about a family trying to find a way to stay in their home despite being unable to keep it up anymore. It’s a classic Regency romance, but also a very self-aware Regency romance, unafraid of giving the genre a bit of a wink-wink side eye. This book would be perfect if you need something distracting and entertaining at the end of a long day.

Small Cures, by Della Hicks-Wilson, I’m All Over the Place, by Tanner Olson, The Peace of Wild Things, by Wendell Berry

While poetry collections might not provide the immersive kind of distraction that a good story does, they are perfect if you want to read but don’t want to be able to dip in and out of something without committing large chunks of time. If you’re too tired or busy to focus on an entire chapter of a book, a poem or two can refresh your soul before your eyelids droop closed. I think all three of these collections are particularly suited in their own unique ways to reading during a time of change and transition.

At Home in the World, by Tsh Oxenreider

Okay, this travel memoir might be a bit on the nose, but it’s also a really fantastic book! It’s part travel diary, part exploration of what “home” really means. 

As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, by Cary Elwes 

This book is charming, fun, and PERFECT on audio. Cary Elwes narrates with special appearances from some of the other actors and creators of The Princess Bride. Slip in your earbuds and press play on As You Wish, and packing or cleaning or organizing will be loads more enjoyable.

How about you? What kind of books do you reach for during a stressful and busy time?