Brief thoughts on - Cold Fire

Cold Fire, by Kate Elliot

Cold Fire is the sequel to Cold Magic (which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago). I have to say that I agree completely with Kristen at Fantasy Cafe: I really liked Cold Magic, but I LOVED Cold Fire. It has all the great things about the first book, with a lot more story and character. I really felt like I got to know Cat and Bee and Vai (and even James Drake, that b*^&#$!). I like that the characters make mistakes and bad decisions at times, and that life throws them curveballs. Sometimes people and situations aren't what they seem, and sometimes they are EXACTLY as bad or good as your gut told you.

I guess this isn't so much a review as a statement of you-should-go-read-this-now-because-it's-awesome! If you want to read more coherent and in-depth reviews check out Fantasy Cafe or the ladies over at Book Smugglers.

Bottom line: I'll probably now read anything Kate Elliot writes!