Five for Fairwil

1. Special Council of Life and Success

"Do you both want to be on, like, my Special Council of Life and Success? I just invented it right now. It can be for women to discuss ideas like binary thinking and work choices and getting out of ruts."

2. Prior Yates

"Everyone, everyone!" clapped Prior Yates. "Everyone have me!"
"What?" the bar called back, vaguely disturbed.
"Prior Yates for all!" clarified the star, who was pleased to see his offer to buy a round of himselves met with a bevy of back-pats.

3. Tuxedos, nice jerks, New Year's Eve, and a bell cart.

"Remember when we pushed the car that one time? The body spray?"
"Remember when we helped the nice jerks look for their keys?"
The tuxedo kid overheard him. "Are you calling us 'nice jerks'? No fooling? That's what we called you all night, after you told us to behave!"
Everyone awww'd

4. Family: the ones you pick and the ones you don't. All shapes, all sizes.

"You all come with. The true hearts of true companions! Silly friends for good-time having."
"Deus ex Sutton," clapped Monty. "There's a twist at the end of your movie, Suts. The lucky Redwoodian drink drip isn't just about sexy fun but friendship."
"Duh!" She gave warm hello hugs to all the citizens of Tight Town. "You didn't get that carmel teddy bear sprinkles plot point? Completely obvious. And don't call me Suts."

5. Fair + Gomery = 4 Ever

"Guys! Guys! Do you think we're permanently in the middle of our happy ending?"

And because I can't keep it to just five -- but it is a beautiful alliteration -- here's five more!

1. Bursting out of your own bubble and opening your arms wide.
2. Hotels, motels, and movie studios.
3. Swimming
4. Begnnings and endings
5. Sequins and staircases and buttons

So much love, y'all! Get a copy of Fairwil in March. Mysteries are explained, much is resolved, and the future remains bright and wide open for our friends in this corner of L.A.