It's a New Year

Looking back on my previous year of blogging is an exercise in humility. I started off this blog with the best of intentions: I had a schedule, wherein I could easily post once a week. I signed up for a challenge, which I hoped would keep me motivated. But you happens. New jobs, new responsibilities, new schedules, new priorities. I didn't complete my challenge, and I didn't meet my 2011 blogging goals. But you know what -- who succeeds the first time? It is what it is, and the important thing is to move forward and set more goals. Evaluate and adjust. So for 2012, I'm sticking with an old goal and adding a new one:

1. Post once a week. A thought on books or libraries or writing....or just a thought.

2. Finish my novel by Dec. 31. It's scary to me to say this one out loud. That's a lot of pressure. But it's pressure I need. I've even promised a few friends that on January 1 they need to put their hands out with the expectation of receiving a fully completed draft of said book.

I hope your 2012 is a year full of adventure and laughter and good stories.