Monday list - Happy Fourth of July!

1. I was griping about neighborhood firecrackers yesterday -- and I stand by my irritation at inconsiderate neighbors -- but I do enjoy Independence Day. A good, old fashioned, summer-time, celebration holiday. We're not really doing much since Jeremy's working today, but I'm listening to the Hamilton soundtrack to feel appropriately festive. And we ate hot dogs for lunch. What's more Fourth of July than that?

2. Less than a week until Sooner Youth Camp! Can't wait. I'm feeling a little bit like I should be packing already, but there's only so much I can do ahead of time. I've got my lists made at least.

3. I'm in a blog rut. When I was working as a librarian, I had a pretty extensive list of book and library related blogs that I read regularly. But I'm not reading at a quick pace at the moment, plus I'm not needing to perform readers' advisory (i.e., stay current on what's out there book-wise), and I'm not actively developing professionally, which just means that a lot of those blogs became more of a chore than enjoyable. I still enjoy their content, I just can't keep up and don't feel like I'm really retaining the information in a way that will be meaningful to me later. But I enjoy reading good blogs. It's like reading a magazine to me. I have a few that I read regularly still, but I feel a little bit like I need something fresh, something that feels more relevant to my life now. (not necessarily mommy-blogs, though. Just different book blogs, or writing blogs, or Jesus blogs, or cooking blogs...I don't even really know what I'm looking for).

4. I need a 5k to sign up for. I signed up for one in May, but it got rained out and rescheduled, and due to some poor communication on the part of the race organizers, I missed the new date. So...I need something to help keep me motivated during the long, hot, humid summer. Besides chocolate.

5. I'm working my way through a non-fiction book right now (Start, by Jon Acuff) and a quick romance (If You Only Knew, by Kristan Higgins).

Stay cool out there!