It's frustrating how difficult it is to get into a habit, but how easy it is to get out of it. One little change in routine or schedule and there you go: derailed. For me, this is particularly true of things I do that don't affect anyone else. Writing, exercising, studying. Now that I'm not playing music for church anymore, I find myself going...way to long between sessions at the piano, then I find myself thinking "something is missing", and I eventually sit down and even just playing a few songs feeds that particular music-shaped place in my soul. But when no one is watching or waiting or counting on me to write a chapter of my novel, or put running shoes to pavement, or play a song or three, it's easy to just do something sporadically that I'd ideally like to do much more regularly.

Maybe that's why I'm rambling about it here. Getting the thought out of my head. Telling myself in a more concrete way to spend less time mindlessly clicking links to articles people post on Facebook*, and just a few minutes a day writing or playing. Just a few minutes. Which some days turns into more, and some days is about all I can handle.

*Don't get me wrong, sometimes I read really cool stuff that other people link to, but man, can that a black hole.