odds and ends

So, I just got back into the country yesterday. Hubby and I went with my dad to Israel for 10 amazing days. It was my first time to Israel, and my first time anywhere in the Middle East. Awesome! I'm in a bit of a jet-lagged, post-vacation fog at the moment, but eventually I'll settle back into a routine. I'm in the middle of a book right now (Settlers of Catan...yes, it's inspired by the board game) and thinking of seeking out some good Middle Eastern literature for my next read. Also, anyone knowledgeable about oud music and musicians? I heard some while I was there and loved it.
In the meantime, here's a list:
Rugged mountainsBanana trees, date palms, olive grovesFloating in the Dead SeaHistory come to lifeLots of people in small spacesStoneWading in the Jordan River and Sea of GalileaBeach day in Tel AvivScarvesPotteryHebrewArabicShawarmaFalafalPilgrimsWalking and people watchingBazaarGardensChurchesShevet AchimCommunity