On Deck

So, right now I'm still reading the Fairwil arc, and while part of me wants to devour it whole, I'm kind of enjoying savoring this last installment of the Wilfair series right now.
Queued up in Audible right now is Ruin and Rising, by Leigh Bardugo, another last-in-series book. Russian-flavored fantasy coming right up! A good winter time read.
An online book group that I've joined recently (as a not-super-active member...sorry, online friends!) is reading Cemetery Girl, by David Bell in January. I still need to pick up a copy at the library (you know...since January's about half over now), and hope that the book isn't too creepy or dark...hard to tell from the blurb (which reminds me...I'm about due for a ranty post on book blurbs and how most of them are utter crap).
And then the next book (okay, novella) staring at me and begging to be picked up is Slow Regard of Silent Things, by Patrick Rothfuss. I'm curious to see if I'll fall in the love it or hate it camp. The hubby read it and liked it, despite it's distinct departure from the style and tone of Rothfuss's other books.
And that's what I'm up to reading-wise! You know, that and multiple re-reads of The Little Blue Truck and Go, Dog, Go.