Parenting and Friday Night Lights

I just finished a rewatch of the show Friday Night Lights. I really love that show. Inspired by the book of the same title, on the surface it's a show about Texas high school football. But it's really about relationships, family, friendship, love, growing up, dreaming, striving. It's about the complicated relationship we often have with the place we're from. It's about Texas. And yes, it's about football. Is it perfect? Of course not (see: Season 2). But is it good storytelling? Yes, one thousand times.

One of the many things I love about the show is the presence of some really great adults (some not-so-great too). Adults who are good parents to their own kids, and good adults-friends-mentors to other kids in their life as well. So, fresh off a tearful goodbye to my friends in Dillon, here are some parenting tips from Friday Night Lights:

1. Set clear expectations and have high standards

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2. But extend grace when necessary

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3. It's all about the conversation. Keep the lines of communication open and be willing to listen.

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4. When you're proud...say it, show it.

5. Boundaries are a good thing

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6. You have to put in the work from the very beginning. Because then you can remind them to "be the person I raised you to be."

(insert gif of Smash's Mama saying that to Smash...because I couldn't find one and my eyes are crossing. I heart Mama Smash)

7. Be there. All the time. Let them go when it's time, but always be there when they need you.

8. And if you're parenting with a each other.

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And remember...because it's good advice for football and it's good advice for life: clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.