Reading and watching and a little Star Trek love

Well, the trend continues of reading multiple books at once...which means they all take longer to finish (and talk about). Although I did finish An Irish Country Village (sequel to Irish Country Doctor) by Patrick Taylor, and enjoyed it just as much as the first book. You can read what I thought about it here. Currently, I'm listening to Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline and I highly recommend consuming this book on audio, as it's expertly read by Wil Wheaton. I'm also reading The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson, and very slowly working my way through Walking Israel, by Martin Fletcher. And, because that's just the way things work, I've gotten three books in the past week that I'd previously put on hold at the library. Ahhh!!! It's a good problem to have, but still....choices! time!

Anyway, speaking of Wil Wheaton (like that segway there?), I've recently begun a re-watch of Star Trek: The Next Generation. A variety of factors have made me nostalgic for the t.v. series. Obviously, Ready Player One is one of those factors. Plus, recently watching the new Star Trek movie (I know, I know...not the same characters. But the same world...I'm flexible), and just general blog reading in the sci-fi and fantasy fandom. I like good storytelling in a lot of forms, not just books, and me and Star Trek go way back. My dad (hi Dad!) is an original Trekkie, and I pretty regularly watched The Next Generation with him back when it was airing for the first time. I'd occasionally watch reruns of the original show, and Dad and I also watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I've seen some episodes of Voyager, but by then I was in college and in my unintentional four year "story drought" (i.e., I watched a lot of movies, but only really read non-school related books and watched t.v. on semester breaks).

I read a lot more fantasy fiction than I used fact, up until 13 years ago, I probably couldn't name one fantasy or science fiction novel that I'd read (oops, just kidding...I read The Princess Bride and went through a major fairy tale phase). I wasn't really into video games like my brother, or comic books or fantasy-type tabletop games (although I'd like to think that last was simple lack of exposure...none of my friends played Dungeons & Dragons or anything similar). But I did watch Star Trek, and I loved a good game of Risk, or almost any board game, really. Quite a few years later, I married my husband, an avid fantasy reader, comic book lover, and gamer. He convinced me to read Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan and the rest is history. Games, books, t.v. shows, superhero's a fun world out here in geekdom (for lack of a better term). I'll admit -- I'm geek light. I don't know all the references, there's a lot I'm new to, and a lot I will never play/read/do/see (I only have so much time after all). But one thing I do know: I'm really thankful for each step into this incredible world of storytelling. Thanks for making me a Trekkie, Dad!