Reading, listening, knitting, writing, and sorting the randomness in my head

I took a little writing break last week. We decided last minute to spend the whole week of Christmas (rather than the long weekend) at Nana and Grandpapa's house, and while I probably could have fit in some writing while Nana played with the munchkin, I also wanted to attack my current knitting project and read the first Veronica Mars mystery novel. (Very enjoyable read, although not one to dive into before watching the television show and movie). But, if you can't take a little break over the holidays, when can you? And I'm feeling a bit of pressure on this knitting project. I told a friend I could knit his fiance a Harry Potter house scarf, and the pattern I liked best (which looked the most authentic to me) has a LOT of stitches and I'm not a fast knitter.'s taking a while. Every time I sit down I think I should be knitting. (maybe I should learn to knit and walk, but it'd still be a challenge with a baby around). Fortunately, we have a good number of books in our Audible account, and I'm currently listening to a Harry Dresden mystery by Jim Butcher (great books for listening too. James Marsters -- a.k.a. Spike -- makes these books come to life better than just reading them I think) and making my way through Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

When I do pry myself away from knitting, I'm reading the Fairwil ARC. Remember the Wilfair series that I told you about? Are you reading it yet?

And on a random ranty note...sometimes, I am blown away by the things people think it's okay to say to other people. Several days ago, a friend of mine related a story about some very rude things a woman (complete stranger) said to her about her children -- while her children were there. She has a large family, and that's what this woman was commenting on ("I feel so sorry for you" "I could never have that many kids" etc.) Thing is, that woman is completely entitled to that opinion. Children are not for everyone, and lots of children are not for everyone. But how is it any of that woman's business that my friend chooses to have a large family? She and her husband support themselves, so there's zero reason to make rude comments, especially in front of the children (they are elementary school aged -- perfectly able to hear and understand when someone essentially says: you are a terrible thing). I know a lot of people with more than two kids who get these kinds of comments from people, and I will say it again, loud and clear:

Not. Your. Business.

Unless this large family is DIRECTLY affecting your life: not your business. Harp on it in the privacy of your own home if you must, but still. As my friend so eloquently put it, when did babies become tumors?

Okay, rant over.

Enjoy the post-Christmas/pre-New Year's shopping/leftover-eating/de-stressing/new-toy-playing-with week!