Reading Pushing the Limits

Pushing the Limits, by Katie McGarry

I like being surprised by books. I received an ARC for Pushing the Limits (yay librarian perks!) and braced myself for some possibly heavy-handed, issue-laden, teen melodrama. What I got was a story about two broken and hurting kids who find the road to healing and love and peace. Even better, the story doesn't end with a "everything is perfect and fine and wonderful again!", but it ends with the characters taking those first steps. Moving forward on the journey to better and even great. Everything could have been cheesy and cliche - a foster kid who's been screwed by the system, a traumatized girl with amnesia, an overbearing father and "wicked" stepmother, a "good" girl and a hard-partying boy. But McGarry turns these characters into real people, and the delicate situations are treated with delicacy and respect. I liked that I cheered for Echo and Noah and sympathised with their perspectives, even when I wanted to tell them "it's okay to trust someone every now and then." And I loved their romance that was more than just was sweet and heartfelt. Instead of pulling each other down -- which they could have done -- Echo and Noah ended up bringing out the best in each other.

Bottom line - if you want a book that's got sympathetic characters, depth, heart and romance, pick this one up. (it's going to be released July 31, 2012)