Reading Secret Society Girl

Secret Society Girl (Secret Society Girl, #1)

Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund is smart and funny, and Peterfeund's writing goes down nice and easy. But don't mistake her breezy writing style for a lack of substance. In this book -- the first of a four-part series -- Peterfreund introduces us to Amy Haskell, a junior at an Ivy League university who gets tapped by the oldest and most prestigious secret society at Eli University. She and the other four girls in her tap class are the first females ever initiated into Rose & Grave, which leads to a generational battle and just a little bit of self-discovery.

What I loved about this book is its resounding ring of truth. Although a far cry from my own small Christian liberal arts universtiy experience, I had no problem believing everythign this book was selling me. Although there were a lot of tertiary characters introduced that just muddled things for me, but I'm hoping that will sort out a little in the next books. The various relationships in the book drove this home -- there are old friendships, new friendships, family relationships and romantic relationships. But really, the book is about Amy, and about her experiences her junior year of college. Certain things get resolved, but it's not a "happy ever after" kind of book. You know Amy's got a lot of life left ahead of her -- and I'm excited to read the next books and read more of that life.