Reading...a little romance

Promoted: To Wife and Mother

I was perusing some review blogs the other day, and came across a review for a Harlequin romance on the fantastic Misadventures of Super Librarian (Wendy is a great source for romance reviews, because she reviews all kinds of can find something to fit your mood and taste). I periodically find myself in the mood for something quick and light and fun, and Promoted: to Wife and Mother by Jessica Hart sounded like it would fit the bill -- plus, it was super cheap for Kindle. (just an aside...if I had not read the recommendation of this book, the title alone would have kept me from reading it. Harlequin titles can be so cheesy! And it's a shame, because that cheesy title hides a pretty great story).

So, Promoted: to Wife and Mother tells the story of two individuals in their 40s who each have a lot of responsibility (her: an ailing mother, him: three teenage children) and a little bit of baggage (she had a heartbreaking experience loving a single father who constantly put her on the back burner, and he is a widower). They each fight their attraction, but ultimately can't resist (because this is a romance novel after all!). What I really enjoyed about this book is that it's a satisfyingly realistic romance -- these two have some obstacles to overcome in order to make a relationship work, and they fully acknowledge that, but eventually realize that it's worth it to be together. There's no sunshine-rainbows-kittens-daisy-filled-meadows happily ever after. But there's a this-will-be-hard-and-beautiful-at-the-same-time happily ever after. Which, in my opinion, is so much more satisfying.

Bottom line: if you want a quick yet satisfying love story, pick up this unfortunately titled gem!

(another note on the title: it kind of implies that the heroine is in a secretary kind of role, but she's actually a very professionally powerful woman, and a department head in the company. Yes, the hero is her boss, but it's more of a peer-to-peer kind of professional relationship, which is also super refreshing)