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If You Only Knew

Kristan Higgins is one of my only go-to adult romance authors these days. Her books are funny, sweet, and a little sassy -- all of which I've mentioned before. Her last few books have been part of her Blue Heron series, set in a small town in Western New York's wine country. This book is different in a couple of ways: one, it's the start of a new location series, and two, it's told from the perspective of two sisters, their lives and stories separate but intertwined. I enjoyed this slight change of format from Higgins' usual m.o. This book was also a bit different in that the romances themselves weren't entirely straightforward. Jenny Tate, a wedding dress designer, moves back to her hometown to open her own shop. She's looking forward to the opportunity, but also looking forward to putting some distance between her ex-husband and his perfect family -- who are oddly her best friends, and Jenny's probably the only one who doesn't think that's a little odd (and unhealthy). Fortunately, a friendship-turned-maybe-something-more with her enigmatic neighbor Leo might just giver her a change of perspective. Her sister Rachel has a seemingly perfect suburban family life....except it's not. When she discovers her husband is having an affair, her whole life turns upside down. She questions her marriage, her choices, and herself. Rachel's story is less of a] romance than it is a story about her relationships with friends, family, and even herself. I do love that the duel-narrative gives Higgins the opportunity to tell more than just a boy-meets-girl romance (although obviously I love a boy-meets-girl romance). My only complaint with this book is that I kind of wish there was a little more of each sister's story, the downside to having to heroines. But since I'm pretty sure this is the start of another series, maybe the next book will give a peak at what's been going on with Jenny and Rachel.