Reading...Party Girl

Party Girl (The Girls, #1)

Party Girl, by Rachel Hollis is such a fun read. Landon Brinkley -- a sweet and friendly Texas girl whose favorite color is glitter -- dreams of being a big-time event planner. When she lands an internship at THE Hollywood event company, she takes off for LA with three months of living expenses, a truck full of optimism, a heart full of ambition, and a lot of determination. Of course, because this is chick lit at its best, things don't go quite as she anticipated. Selah Smith, the founder of SSE Events is the epitome of chic and cool and everything LA. She's also ruthless, and the environment at SSE is sink or swim. But Landon makes friends and allies, and finds some potential romance. She keeps her head down and works hard and keeps her goal in mind...and tries not to lose herself along the way. Party Girl is my favorite kind of chick lit -- funny, smart, and with heart. Landon is the kind of protagonist you root for, she's sunny and optimistic, but with hidden depths and more grit, smarts, and determination than people give her credit for. Her friends are the kind of friends you want to have, and the romance has just the right amount of "will-they-won't-they" and plenty of swoon. It was fun to get an inside look at the Hollywood event planning scene (which is based on the author's own experiences). There are shades of The Devil Wears Prada, as far as Selah Smith is a boss along the lines of Miranda Priestly and Landon starts out a bit naive and hopeful. But for their similarities, Party Girl stands completely on its own. This is the first of a series, and I'm looking forward to reading more about Landon and her friends.Bottom line: if you're looking for some quality chick lit or a peek into Hollywood/LA life, check it out!