Reading...Spirit and Dust

Spirit and Dust

Spirit and Dust, by Rosemary Clement-Moore is a companion book to Texas Gothic, a book that introduced us to the supernaturally gifted Goodnight family. In Spirit and Dust, we meet Daisy, a psychic whose particular gifts manifest in an ability to speak with the dead and help them pass over to the other side...whatever that is (she doesn't ask). Like her aunt before her, she's a regular consultant for the FBI, and that gig lands her in Minnesota, at the scene of a murder and possible kidnapping. Before too long, Daisy herself is kidnapped and forced to use her powers to investigate on behalf of a local crime lord.

The Goodnight books essentially classic mysteries with a supernatural twist and a little swoon thrown in for good measure. The characters are one of the strongest things about these books, in my opinion, especially this latest one. I could not stop thinking and wondering about what happened to the characters after the book ended. I just wanted more, more, more. And that's a successful story for this reader.

bottom line: read if you're in the mood for a ghostly, fun mystery.