Review - Texas Gothic

Texas Gothic, by Rosemary Clement-Moore

Texas Gothic is a classic mystery with a paranormal twist. Amy and her sister Phin come from a family of witches and psychics, although Amy would prefer to keep that part of her life hidden. The two are spending the summer taking care of their aunt's herb farm in the middle of the Texas hill country, and at first, all Amy has to worry about are the tree-climbing goats are her sister's experiments. Soon, however, Amy is caught up in a conflict with (extremely attractive) owner of the neighboring ranch; rumors of ghosts; actual accidents and injuries; and a personal haunting by a spirit who may want to help her or hurt her.

I really enjoyed Texas Gothic. I liked the blending of traditional mystery with ghost story, and I thought the pacing felt right on. Although the resolution of the mystery wasn't anything groundbreaking, the "getting there" was interesting enough that I didn't need a big shocking ending. I enjoyed watching Amy struggle with the part of her life that she wanted to pretend didn't exist, and grow as a result of that struggle. I liked that the romantic part of the story fit in well with the rest of the plot and didn't overshadow it or seem like an afterthought; the antagonism and attraction between Amy and Ben felt natural. And it was nice to visit Texas!

Bottom line: a great read for anyone who enjoys mystery with a side of paranormal activity.