Some new, newish, and in-utero books I want to read

Sinner, by Maggie Stiefvater
I was definitely satisfied by the ending to the Mercy Falls trilogy, and never really expected anything to come along after that, but a book about Cole and Isabel? YES, PLEASE.

Shadow Scale, by Rachel Hartman
Another sequel that I'm looking forward to reading this year. I loved Seraphina - dragons, music, intrigue, romance.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue, by Maggie Stiefvater
The latest in the Raven Boys quartet. Need I say more?

Dryad-Born, by Jeff Wheeler
It took me a little while to get into Fireblood, the first of this series (apparently, I have a series problem. That or there are just too. many. series.), but once I got going, I really enjoyed it. It's a fantasy with Celtic flavor, some interesting twists and turns, characters that grow on you, and a Big Bad that's still quite a mystery.

Firebug, by Lish McBride
Lish McBride's books make me think of all I loved about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A little dark, a lot funny, and surprisingly heartwarming. Although this isn't directly related to her Necromancer books, I'm confident it will be just as good.

Vertigo 42, and The Way of All Fish, by Martha Grimes
It's been too long since I've spent time with Richard Jury and his friends, so I definitely need to get my hands on Vertigo 42. The Way of All Fish is a companion to Foul Matter, a book I was not expecting, but thoroughly enjoyed. Another darkly funny book -- which apparently I have a thing for.

I've also been eyeing my bookshelves lately -- There's quite a few picked-up-at-the-library-used-book-sale titles and some perks-of-working-at-a-public-library ARCs that I have yet to read. I'm thinking I need resist some of the "shiny and new" and discover whether or not these books are shelf-keepers or not.