T.V. Tuesday

Yes, I titled this post as though it's going to be an ongoing thing...when, let's be honest, that's kind of wishful thinking these days. (hello, newborn! you crazy little person you. I love you to bits).

I like storytelling in many forms, including television shows. While I'm home all day these days, I sometimes put a show on while I'm doing housework or feeding the Peanut. And a couple of weeks ago I discovered a new show to crush on: The Mindy Project. I needed something funny I could consume in short bites, and this fit the bill exactly -- so much so that I watched both existing seasons in about a week and a half!
Here's what I like about it:
The cast: chemistry, acting, comedic timing. Watching it feels natural, which is a refreshing change from the forced feeling of so many sitcoms. To me, this naturalness is the mark of a watchable comedy, and a no-brainer for the best.
The humor: it's not perfect (I recently read an article talking about why all the "Mindy loves to eat" jokes are problematic, and I agree to an extent), but I like that it doesn't take itself seriously. It's not vulgar (there's plenty of sex story-lines, but it's not crass, know what I mean?), or mean.
The (presence of) character development: whether or not this continues to be something I like remains to be seen (because we all know shows where the characters start acting like crazy lunatic versions of themselves -- it can be the downfall of a really great show), but at the moment, I like that they've been able to create three dimensional characters.
So, now I'm in the mood for comedy, and I may have to give a rewatch to one of my favorites (I'm leaning toward The Cosby Show or Spaced,) -- unless anyone out there has a good recommendation?