T.V. Tuesday

I feel like my brain is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Who knew I'd run out of t.v.-related things to talk about so soon! Or maybe creating sentences in general is just a stretch today

What I'm watching these days:

Old seasons of Top Chef on HuluPlus. I love Top Chef! It's something I can (personally) watch and not pay super close attention to, which is good for my during-the-day-taking-care-of-a-baby-or-writing-or-housework activities. Top Chef is my favorite cooking competition show because the drama is relatively low, the cooking is fancy, and it feels like the perfect blend of education and entertainment.

Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm on the final season of TNG, having started re-watching the series about a year ago. It started out as something to do while working on a big knitting project, and ended up as one of my I-want-to-watch-something-but-nothing-new-is-on shows. TNG always makes me think of my Trekkie Dad -- it was a show we watched together while I was growing up, and when he's visiting he's always game to watch an episode or two. I love how the show just gets better and better over time (with a few exceptions each season, of course), and the actors really grow into their roles so well. It's the cast that really makes the show, in my opinion. And watching TNG is always fun for a little pop culture nostalgia. You can always tell what the hot-button social or political issue is at the time.