What happened to the last two weeks? and other random thoughts

The last two weeks have been busy and my schedule has been off -- I'm kind of like a toddler in that way. Give me a routine and I am happy. My motivation to do things with no real extrinsic consequences has waned. But you know...that's okay. Sometimes it's okay to push the snooze buttons a few more times and give yourself a break. We can't be "on" all the time.

One of the different things I've done lately is attend a mini-conference for public libraries hosted by our state library association. I really love conferences, even if the workshops are things I've heard before. Sometimes -- particularly when it comes to work -- I think it's good to hear the same or similar things more than once. Makes it stick better, you know? One of my favorite workshops was the one on Reader's Advisory. I love Reader's Advisory! A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon this blog: RA for All. I was first just impressed with the resources and information she made available for other librarians who help their patrons find books. And then I realized -- the author's job at her public library is Reader's Advisory! It's her whole job! Very cool. I'd considered my professional goal to be a reference librarian at a public library, but now...I'm thinking Reader's Advisory. Anyway, one of the pieces of the discussion in our workshop, was on judging a book by its cover. The speaker maintained that in general, you can tell basic characteristics of a book based on its cover -- especially in genre fiction. Is the book going to be dark, strange, edgy, sappy, cheesy, sweet, family-oriented, romantic, hot and steamy, funny...I've been thinking about this a lot since then, and while I have in the past been mislead by the cover of a book, I think in more cases than not this is true. And I think one thing is really true -- the cover is designed to appeal to the readers that the publisher thinks will want to read the book. And sometimes, that is actually the person who wants to read the book.

what do you think?